Mummy’s treats

A little place to share those treats to myself, just because.

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Number 1 on my treat list,

This beaut of a product from B Radiant was a proper treat to myself. I’ve never been one to commit to a beauty product but for the last few years have been really keen on facial oil, finding it a better product for me skin.

Imagine my joy when I came across this product, specifically formulated and designed for the late 30s skin, that’ll be me then! It boasts to “ help calm stressed skin with a burst of moisture and a boost of antioxidants. Helps protect against environmental free radical damage”

I reckon being a mum I get bombarded by the odd free radical so was keen to try it for myself.  It is a light oil with a delicate rose scent and at £13.99 at Superdrug with currently a buy one get one free, its defiantly worth a try. I have certainly stocked up.